Why Adaptogens for Women

Whether you are a new mom, working mom, new working breastfeeding mom, etc., we get it. We understand the demands and the overwhelming feelings that come up to keep up with everything that goes on in a home and work environment.

MotherBees nourishes women with our instant Savory Broths to replenish her busy everyday lifestyle with our calming adaptogen botanicals.

We go for gold and source the best ingredients to formulate blends with traditional wisdom and functional super foods for today’s elite woman.

Why adaptogen botanicals? A women's body is controlled highly by her hormones and her adrenal glands. Over stressed adrenal glands are caused by overwhelming situations and lifestyles that are prominent in the everyday women. Adaptogenic properties eases stress, faster recovery, and increases energy in a natural graceful way. Adaptogens make your adrenals react quickly to normal stress but not over create stress hormones.