Nourishing los angeles, orange county & san diego mamas

Benefits & Sample Menu

Benefits of MotherBees
All of our dishes and drinks are inspired by the tenets of Chinese Medicine. Every ingredient serves a purpose helping the body rebuild energy, replenish lost nutrients, and support the production of breast milk. Feel free to enjoy MotherBees delivery at any stage of your life! Our food and drinks are designed to support pregnancy, postpartum and beyond—revitalizing the body, calming the mind, and nurturing the spirit at any time. Partners, older children, grandparents, and support people also love to be fed by MotherBees. Order for your entire crew.

Our dishes and drinks can help to:
• Strengthen and restore uterus health after birth
• Increase lactation
• Improve circulation (helps to eliminate stagnate blood post-pregnancy)
• Support kidney function
• Balance hormones
• Improve digestion
• Boost the immune system
• Calm the mind and warm the spirit


Note: We can only work with severe allergy requests at this time. We cannot cater our menu to each individual's likings and dislikes. We use organic, pasture raised meat protein (beef, chicken, lamb, eggs). We also use organic as possible herbs, mushrooms, tofu, rice wine, rice, grains, nuts and nut milks. We DO NOT use dairy, MSG, refined sugars, and any GMO ingredients. Thank you for your understanding.

Morning Porridge
oat, amaranth porridge, prune, apple compote, toasted coconut, poppy seeds


Mother's Bowl: kitchari, lightly sautéed greens, wild mushrooms

Entree: steamed chicken, bamboo rice, braised lotus root, light ginger sesame sauce

Herbal Tea
Tea: red date, goji berries, logan fruit, fresh ginger

* Please inform us of any food allergies when you check out (use the NOTES box) and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.