a hive of nourishment

MotherBees supports women first.
After three wildly different postpartum experiences, Heng Ou was inspired to create MotherBees, a hive of nourishment and care for the new mother. For years she made delicious, nutrient-packed dishes and delivered them to the doorsteps of new mothers throughout Los Angeles. Hungry mothers — and their partners — gratefully received these foods and drinks designed to support the specific needs of a brand new mom: lactation-boosting teas, revitalizing soups, and hearty stews. The personalized food delivery service quickly grew into MotherBees.com, a destination for women to connect, renew, and learn throughout pregnancy, during the transformational 40 days after birth, and beyond.

"I was gifted life with a swarm of wild bees that found a home in a shoe drawer just outside of my office deck window. Every day I’d watch the bees fly in and out, building their honeycomb for their queen bee. “That lucky bee,” I thought. She’s being catered for, fed, and she’s warm and cozy.
As the hive grew over time, I sat on the deck in the hot evenings and sat with a particular HUM from the drooping bees. The bees fanned the hive all night long keeping it cool and the queen bee happy. This space was created for the queen, this humming sensation, this peaceful feeling that I resonated with, and I felt it through the HUM. It was the HUM, that in-between state that made the world feel contained, snug and safe and I wanted to create this safe container of transformation for other women." - Heng Ou